All the below mentioned companies are unique in their range of product with wide acceptance all over the world and we are proud to associate with them.


Romvac which is the largest company that provides animal health solution in Romania. Romvac manufactures veterinary vaccines, veterinary pharmaceutics and other ranges of products for such as disinfectants, rodenticides etc.


R-Biopharm, Germany is a leading developer of test solutions for clinical test kits and also food and feed analysis. The test kits offer high precision and accuracy. Many R-Biopharm test kits have undergone official validation and certification, with a high worldwide reputation under the RIDASCREEN and RIDA trademarks.

IBL International

IBL International – part of the Tecan Group – is an expert diagnostics provider focusing on special and rare indications. The company has over 30 years of experience in the development, manufacture and supply of immunoassays – including enzyme, radiolabeled, and luminescence-based assays – for research and routine diagnostics.
We are a pioneer and market leader in saliva diagnostics, offering a broad portfolio of luminescence- and ELISA-based tests for analytes such as cortisol, testosterone, estriol and various interleukins. The company also offers a number of specialist diagnostic assays for Endocrinology, neurotransmitters and Infectious disease in clinical diagnostics, along with key assays for the research segment, including HMGB1 and NF Light . By combining IBL International’s immunodiagnostics expertise with Tecan’s long tradition in serving the clinical diagnostic market, many of these assays have been specifically optimized for fully automated processing on the Freedom EVOlyzer® or Freedom EVO® platforms, offering complete solutions for the biochemical diagnosis


Labtron is a well established UK based company in manufacturing Laboratory Equipment. We are 9001:2008 certified and strictly follow CE, GMP and ASTM International standards. We also provide IQ, OQ and PQ certification with our instruments.


MOCON Inc. is a global manufacturing company headquartered in Minneapolis, Minnesota USA with operations in Colorado, Germany, Denmark, France, Spain, Italy, and China. MOCON offers the most reliable and accurate material and package testing solutions in the industry, enabling our customers to make better business decisions, optimize their shelf life and deliver total quality assurance.
Founded in 1966 with permeation transmission rate instruments as our core business, MOCON has evolved into providing instruments and services for the packaging industry, contract testing, industrial gas testing and microbial detection. MOCON now offers the world’s most comprehensive range of instruments and services for testing, measuring and analyzing with installations in 79 countries, representing 6 continents.


MACHEREY-NAGEL (MN) is a manufacturer of chemical analytical products in Düren , North Rhine-Westphalia . The company is located in the Rölsdorf district of Neumann-Neander-Straße.


Elabscience a Biotechnology Company specializes in immunodiagnostic technology for the life science community. Their major range of test kits products are ELISA Kits, CLIA Kits, Antibodies, Proteins, Labeling Kits and related reagents.

TRUMPF Medical System worldwide

TRUMPF Medical System worldwide is based in Germany. The company is one of the leaders in technology for machine tools and in laser and medical technology, it's modular construction of table tops and pendants for a wide range of TRUMPF patient positioning accessories in every discipline such as; Plastic Surgery, Gynaecology, General surgery, Anaesthesia, Trauma, surgery, Thoracic surgery, Ophthalmology and above all cost effective.

OR Technology

OR Technology has produced digital x-ray technology and developed image management system for 20 years. Our in-house solutions are used successfully in private practices, hospital and radiology.

Diasys Clinicals Diagnostics

Diasys Clinicals Diagnostics is a leading company in the production of clinical chemistry kits and also manufacturers of clinical chemistry machine. Based in Germany.

MESPA Healthcare Product Co.

MESPA Healthcare Product Co., Based in Turkey as the foremost leader in the manufactures of hospital Furniture, Beds, Table, Stretcher, Trolleys, Mattresses, Seats, Screen Oxygen tube holder and instruments.

EIT International.

EIT International is one of the industry’s foremost suppliers of preventative controls and detection systems to the food, brewery/ beverage, nutrition, pharmaceutical and petrochemical industries. Many of the world’s leading companies are currently utilising the EIT International product offerings for an environmentally friendly and non-intrusive approach to GMP, quality adherence and legislative compliance by using our biofilm and bacteria scanners, crack detection scanners, heat exchanger integrity qualification and pasteurisation residence and flow validation equipment.

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