About Us

Business opportunities and market research on products are the key focus areas for Chromogene.

The vision of Chromogene was crafted by a young man who wanted to meet the needs of customers and clients in the agro allied-industry. Inspired by this he proceeded to register a business named Chromogene International Venture in 2006. The growth of this business was exponential which lead to its incorporation in 2009 as a LIMITED LIABILITY COMPANY under the law of Federal Government of Nigeria.

Chromogene International Limited is a life science company that is engaged in the sales, marketing, training and distribution of broad range of products and services which make life worth living for both animals and human beings.

Chromogene International's primary interest has been in products related to animal and human health. Our products are used extensively to provide solutions to animal health, improve and maintain high safety, hygiene standards and also for laboratory investigations which has a very robust and profit potentials for the end users. The products are also known for its high quality and perhaps the simplest method ever developed.

Business opportunities and market research on products are the key focus areas for Chromogene. Our goal is to improve on products market research which will help us liaise with our manufactures to produce high quality products and also to introduce new products into the market in this ever changing environment making these products user friendly, profitable and reliable to end users.

Vision Statement

To become the leading and the best company in the areas of our business with absolute regard for excellence and honesty.

The Chromogene Core Values:

Our core values bind us together as an organization through code of shared beliefs. These beliefs guide our actions and decisions, forming the culture of Chromogene International Limited.

Entrepreneurial Spirit: The success story of Chromogene boils down to RISK. We aim high, and think big. We take risks and always like to question the status quo and welcome the responsibility of making sure our ideas come to fruition.

Dignity: There is emphasis on human relations at Chromogene. We believe in the fact that “the way our employees feel is the way our customers will feel. And if our employees don’t feel valued, neither will our customers.”

Commitment to Improvement: The real difference between a successful business and the unsuccessful one can simply be traced to how well the organization brings out the great energies and talents of its people. At Chromogene we are committed to self-improvement of our people through several talent development interventions.

Passion: We are passionate about our various stakeholders: people, colleagues, associates and clients. To put it in simple term, what we do is not a job, it's our passion and we are committed to it.

Our Strategic Business Unit comprises:

Clinical Diagnostics SBU; makes available products and services for medical laboratory be it commercial, reference or hospital labs. We supply rapid kits for determination of parasitic, bacteria, fungi, viral and tumor diseases. Other range of products includes kits for clinical chemistry, urinalysis, hematology and serology.

Food Safety and Diagnostics SBU; this unit makes available products and services needed by the Quality control and assurance department of food and feed manufacturing companies to determine, improve and maintain a high safety and hygiene standard.

Veterinary Solutions SBU; this unit provides solution to animal health needs. It makes available products to mitigate animal health diseases. Such product includes vaccines, veterinary pharmaceuticals, feed additives and other product range that improves animal welfare and productivity.

Laboratory Support and Biotech Solutions SBU;The LBS handles a wide range of products for all Laboratory needs ranging from consumables, plastics and glass wares to instruments for Lab use. We also have kits and equipment that are deployed into Biotechnology and molecular biology study.

Medical Equipment and Hospital Services department; the MED handles a wide range of product for hospitals equipment and general medical consumables.

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